Data Compiling

Data Compiling is a form of Data Entry. Data can be compiled at any online or offline location after searching through various online or offline resources. For example, if you give a instruction  names and e-mail addresses of CEOs of many businesses from a particular business category,  then we will have to explore various online resources for each business and give you the accurate result in one sheet or as per your instruction.

Data analysis and compilation also includes data cleaning strategy before the further analysis is performed. This cleaning is basically validating the data for any error or irrelevant data. It’s a separate process for data cleaning performed before the analysis which is very important to fetch desirable results. This process also includes determining the missing values and inputting the most appropriate values in place. It is also important to maintain the quality of the analysis and compilation for which the ideal key is use reliable measurement techniques. Data sampling is also one more distinguished approach to decrease probability of repetitive data elements. It includes creating subsets of information according to a specific variable value and managing them as a whole. More the data is relevant the more accurate the results are.

We are continuously providing this service and having excellent feedback from our customers.

For all kinds of these services, our hourly price is $5 USD. It can also be set on per piece of data set or record or otherwise. For developing a software, please click here to contact me.

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Data Compiling