Excel-Google Spreadsheet

Excel and Google spreadsheet are superb databases. Excel is a miracle product of Microsoft Corporation, which is a part of Microsoft Office. Data compiled into Excel can be transformed to many databases like Mysql, Access, Visual Basic, Lotus, Text Files, csv etc. So, you can use your excel data anywhere you want.

Google spreadsheet is not a part of Microsoft but is completely compatible with Excel. It’s a part of Google Docs through Google Drive service and practically, you’ll not find any difference between Excel and Google Sheets. Hence, it’s online Excel. It can be shared online and a team together can work because real times updates are available for all users. So, Google Sheets have much more advantages over Excel

Using anyone of two, a complete system can be created. Top Most Services has experienced team to automate excel data and create useful applications for users. A few examples of systems which are created are; inventory update system, payroll calculator, invoicing system and many more. It works great.

Excel’s csv (comma separated values) formats are used to enter bulk products into shopping websites, like godaddy, volusion, e-bay, amazon, ioffer, prestashop, wordpress, bigcommerce, ecwid, magento many others. Therefore, excel can also used for the following:-

-Data Compiling
-Contact Information Search
-Product Entry
-Data Processing.

For more details, please visit Official Microsoft Excel Page.