Data Entry Companies in Canada

Data Entry Companies in Canada


A huge number of Data Entry Companies in Canada as well as individual services providers are available on long or short term basis.  These services can be availed on very cheap prices.  In fact various small scale to medium scale businesses in Canada and USA don’t employ permanent staff instead they hire very talented data entry operators or data entry companies if they have a huge number of entries to do.




Everyone knows the term data entry and what does it means.  Data entry is the specialized term for inserting information into a specifically designed field structure electronically using a computer or any other electronic device.  It’s extremely useful in data processing and data management.  Data entry services are provided in both ways; individually as well as by companies.


There are different level Data Entry Companies in Canada.  Data entry can be categorized primarily in two levels;


  1. Unskilled
  2. Skilled


Unskilled entry is one that where an operator is just copying the data into a data base.  For example you have been provided a pdf file having 1000 or so customers contact info, which is to be put into well structured data fields i.e. excel spreadsheet or any custom made software online or offline.


Nevertheless, if you need to find out the customers’ contact info first through online resources and then putting it into a database, it will come under skilled data entry.


Here are some more examples of both kinds of data entry:-


Unskilled:  Typing text from handwritten text or printed text, Inputting data from membership forms, invoices, packing lists, structured application forms, income tax forms into a custom made software, copy paste work.


Skilled:  Products Entry into web-shops or online stores, Downloading from one online source and uploading to other source, researching and compiling data, data entry into structured html templates


Data entry companies operating in Canada can be found online to complete your tasks quickly without having spent a lot of money.  In fact it is very cheap.  No matter whether a service provider is available locally or it is operating from any other country, you will get your work done very fast.  You can hire one or more service provider online to get your task completed quickly.