Web Searching

Web Search is another form of Data Entry. In this process, we research the required data through internet and store into an online and/or off-line location. For example, In order to seek quality contents for your website, searching internet to create useful contents for your website is utmost important. Some times, we put this data directly to your website and at other times we first store it into spreadsheets.  Then after corrections we transfer the same data to the desired online location. Product Entry and related images are good example of Web-Searching.

Web Searching
Web Searching

Therefore, web-searching can also includes the following:-

  • Data Compiling
  • Contact Information Search
  • Product Entry
  • Researching and verifying data for it’s validation or correctness.

For web-searching, data compiling, product entry or any other researching services, our hourly price is $5 USD. We can also set mutually the price on per piece of dataset, per product or record basis or otherwise. Please click here to contact me.